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About Me

I enjoy solving puzzles, playing with numbers, and building things. I double majored in computer science and math, and dabbled in electrical engineering at Swarthmore College, and I have an MBA from Harvard Business School. Currently, I’m a product manager focused on firmware and hardware security for ChromeOS at Google and on building Hoshon.

When I’m not behind a computer, I enjoy debating, playing guitar, and being outdoors. In college, I was the president of the debate team, and out in the real world, I’ve helped coach the Stanford debate team in British and American parliamentary debate.

Some Side Projects

Some Awards

Some Designs

You can find me on Dribbble. I’d love your suggestions / feedback.

Some Recipes

During quarantine, I started to adapt some recipes. Please share recommendations for ones I should try next.

Programming Languages

Ruby Python JavaScript TypeScript C / C++ Go Java Common LISP

Fun Fact

ABCDE * 4 = EDCBA → 21978 * 4 = 87912