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Consulting Services

Do you have an idea, but don’t know how to get started?

I’ve helped many people and companies quickly build prototypes. I can help you develop and execute a plan to help get you off the ground. Together we can work out the product details, design language, and engineering requirements. And, for the things you haven’t had a chance to flesh out yet, I’m happy to advise on reasonable defaults to get you started.

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Translating tech speak and technical second opinion

Do you need help determining whether your programmer is:

Contact me for help in evaluating programmers’ progress and performance. I translate programmer speak into plain English and help you advocate for what will be most effective and cost efficient. This levels the playing field for your negotiations and facilitates you setting reasonable expectations together.

If you’re non-technical, it is difficult to know whether a freelance programmer has offered you a fair deal. Since you don’t program, you’re left to trust the programmer’s estimates for overall costs and timetables. Let me provide a second opinion.

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