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How to create your own font

I’m amazed by how much typefaces can change my mood and the way I interpret a message. So, to get a better understanding of how fonts work, I figured I’d try to make my own. When I started, I naively thought that I’d need to make about 100 glyphs (upper and lower case, numbers, and some punctuation). I ended up making 233 so I could be considered a complete font on, but still well short of the 331 necessary to Adobe Latin 3 compliant.

I forgot to account for symbols and accented characters that I use infrequently. At first, I thought that basing the font off my handwriting would make it easier since I’d be able to draw each glyph freehand. But, because each of my handwritten glyphs is a little irregular, it was hard to reuse characters when I added accents. As a result, I ended up making each glyph from scratch. If I ever decide to make another font (that’s not intended to look handwritten), I’ll try to make one where I’ll be able to reuse components between letters (e.g. the curvature in the lowercase m and lowercase n or the strokes in the uppercase V and uppercase W).

If you’re interested in how I did it, here’s a tutorial.


$ brew cask install fontforge

Setup Illustrator

Setup Font Forge

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Installing Your Font

Thanks for reading along. Happy font making.

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